Hey guys! So excited to join the party again, thanks to Jen 🙂

So let’s recap yesterday shall we?
I started my day off with a delicious bowl of eggy oats: 1/3 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of egg whites and 1 tbsp of protein powder topped with freshly picked raspberries! Delicious and so so satisfying! I also sipped on a cup of Skinny Teatox! I started their 14 day detox Sunday morning. The detox consists of a morning tea that is suppose to increase metabolism, suppress appetite and give you energy. You take this tea every morning. Their is also a night tea, that you take every other day, that is suppose to help with the cleansing part of the detox if you know what I mean. For now, to be honest, I haven’t notice that much of a difference with the morning tea but I have to say that the night tea is doing its job lol


I worked like a maniac all the way until lunch! I totally forgot to take a pic but I had a turkey burger with brown rice and some veggies on the side with a coconut greek yogurt for dessert. I inhaled my lunch in literally 10 min because I had to go to a meeting all the way across town!

I got home around 4 and continued working until 5. I had a softball game at 6 and knew I would starve to death so I had a big handful of my new fave trail mix!

I was subbing for a random team tonight but it was so much fun to play after a 11 year hiatus! We lost though 😦 bouhhhh I’m a really sore loser so I was pretty bumped but whatever, we’ll win next time! The team asked me to play again this Friday so I’m really excited.

But obviously, since I’m the biggest klutz their is on this planet, I found a way to fall and hurt my knee haha
I just tripped over some random branch on the ground and fell flat on the floor. I was so humiliated lol

I got home around 8:30 and had no motivation to cook whatsoever. So I made a sandwich with freshly cooked chicken and cheese with a side of veggies and hummus. It was quick to make and totally hit the spot.

I am now sipping on my Skinny Teatox night tea while writing this post.

I’ll probably have a cinnamon roll quest bar before going to bed or I’ll make my casein pudding topped with almond butter! We’ll see how I feel!

Have a nice day folks xox


Marvelous week!

Hi guys! I’m back from Virginia Beach!! I’m seriously in a beach withdrawal at the moment but I’m also happy to get back into my routine. I know I sound like a 70 year old when I say stuff like that but it’s true! I’m definitely a creature of habit 🙂

Thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM! It’s officially my first participation ever even though I have been reading her blog for a long time!

So let’s recap the past few days shall we?
So this was my life for the past week. I needed those vacations badly and I enjoyed them thoroughly! Work was driving me mad and this little 7 day hiatus just helped me put things into perspective and destress for a while. I went to the beach every single day except for one day because it was raining. I was white as a ghost before VA and I have to say that I worked out a pretty little tan after a week of hardcore beaching! I obviously used sunscreen but I still managed to get some colours 🙂

This week was taking me away from everything I’m confortable with… my food, my gym and my way of life. I was really anxious before getting there but during the 12 hour drive on our way to VA, I decided that I was going to just go with the flow. Did I overeat? Yes almost every night at dinner lol. Did I enjoy it? YES I DID! I decided not to care and enjoy the food while it was there. I’m not saying I will eat this much bread and butter every night BUT it definitely helped me with letting go and realizing I won’t gain 10 lbs even if I indulge. And you know what? I didn’t wake up hungry once during the night this week! No binges!! This just proved to me once again (as if I didn’t know) that restricting is definitely what triggers those f*cking binges all the time. I need to trust the process and trust my body more. Maybe those vacations will finally help me to let go even more of the whole food obsessions.

On another note, I also drank my fair share of wine and I had the most amazing froyo one night 🙂
Sweet Frog is where it’s at! Omg I had the most delish combo of cake batter and cheesecake froyo with all the toppings you could imagine! It was just heavenly!

On the workout side of things, I actually went for 3 runs during the week! 2 of 40 minutes and 1 of an hour. I kinda hurt my hips during that 1h run so I took off from working out for the following two days. I listened to my body and figured it was better to rest. I feel 100% back to normal now so I’m happy I rested!

Being from Quebec and all, I have no access to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s here. So I was psyched to be able to peruse the aisles of those two grocery stores! I found Arctic Zero ice cream and bought 2 pints that I devoured over the course of the week. I LOVED it and I’m so sad I won’t be able to have any for a long long while 😦
I also tried Fruitive juice bar after reading about it online and got the Kalevolution juice: kale lettuce apple celery ginger lemon. It was delicious but really pricy!

I came back Saturday night around 10PM and hit the hay really early. We had been on the road since 7AM and I drove quite a lot so I was exhausted. Driving does that to me haha

This am, I woke up not really hungry so I had this bar that I found at Whole Foods.
It was really good! Super coconutty 🙂 I also had some Blueberry muffin flavoured coffee from Dunkin Donuts that I found at Harris Teeter. It was sooooo good! Felt super indulgent but wasn’t at all!

I also went to the gym and felt really good. This whole week off from the gym was really needed. Before leaving, I was feeling not motivated at all to go to the gym and I’m usually super pumped to go so it was nice to feel that way again.

I also went grocery shopping and made this trail mix for snacks for work this week
It’s super simple but really good. I simply mixed raw almonds with salted toasted corns and raisins. Sweet and salty is always a win for me 🙂

So that’s what’s up on my side of the world!

Thinking out loud!

Hi guys! I’m joining the party hosted by Amanda this week even though I don’t have that much on my mind… we’ll see how it goes!

1. Remember when I said I had 2 binges back to back last week? They were seriously not THAT bad…I’ve had worst, like wayyyyyy worst! But it apparently made me gain 3 freaking pounds! And I’ve be SO on point with eating this week and the scale won’t budge! Seriously, my body can’t seem to let me lose the weight. I work out like an animal and eat really good! I don’t know what to do!! And now, I can’t even think about eating out and all those ED thoughts are coming back with a vengeance! I mean, I don’t lose weight when I eat super good, I’ll definitely GAIN some more if I eat out a bit right? UGHHHH this is making me sick!

2. And why is this stressing me so much? I’m leaving for Virginia Beach next week for a whole week of fun in the sun! I should be SUPER excited but I’m already dreading having to eat out. I’m going with the fam and I know we won’t be eating out everyday but still, it will happen at some point and it’s stressing the sh*t out of me! 😦 I seriously thought I was doing better but those situations just push me right back into my old train of thought!

3. But the good thing about Virginia Beach is WHOLE FOODS!!! hahaha I can’t believe I’m THAT excited to go see what it looks like! I went to one store when I was in London, UK but I didn’t have time and spent like 15 min there. There are none here in Quebec so I’m really excited to go into one and spend time there lol Juice bar and salad bar here I come!!!

4. The past two weeks have been so weird schedule wise… We had the 24th and the 1st off due to Quebec’s National Holiday and Canada Day respectively and it was just so weird to have a day off in the middle of the week. We are already Thursday and I feel like I have done NOTHING to be productive this week! Gotta change that today!

5. It is SOOOO hot here right now it’s insane. Thank God for AC! I don’t know how I would survive without it! But I’m not complaining, because cold weather and snow are already approaching.. beurk!!

6. I ordered a key chain, coconut water packets and a yoga top from Tone it up! and it came in the mail yesterday!!

I was so excited! I used the coconut water packet (literally dehydrated coconut water lol) in a protein shake last night after bootcamp and it was fantastic! Cannot wait to test it on its own. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the teal yoga top! It is a bit big but I really don’t care, it’s super comfy and really cute!

Ok so that’s all I have for you today! Have a good one! xox

A so-so week and a new recipe!

Hi lovelies! I have been MIA for the blog due to some personal reasons. After bragging about doing so good on the binge front, it all collapse Friday night and literally ruined my whole weekend. I felt so down after binging 2 night straight! I know struggles will still happen and it’s NORMAL for me to fall off the wagon every once in a while but the most important thing is to get BACK on the wagon. I went hiking yesterday with a friend to get things off my mind and it actually worked! I felt much better after! Well, with this view, how could you not? 🙂

Also, I got my creative juices flowing in the kitchen yesterday and came up with some amazing, moist and delicious muffins! I figured I would share the recipe with you guys 🙂

wet ingredients:
1 banana
111g of unsweetened applesauce
1 cup of non fat greek yogurt (plain)
2 eggs
almond extract

Dry ingredients:
1 cup of whole wheat flour
1 cup of oatmeal
1/4 cup of coconut sugar
1 1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp of baking soda

Pre-heat oven to 400F. In a small bowl, mix all the wet ingredients together. In another bowl, mix all the dry ingredients together. Combine wet ingredients with dry ingredients and mix. Spray 12 silicone muffins tins with oil spray and pour mixture evenly in each cups. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Let them cool and EAT!!

The stats are pretty great too for those babies: 120cal, 2g of fat, 21g of carbs and 5.6g of proteins!
Have a good day peeps! xox

Thinking out Loud – The freedom of normal eating!

Hi guys!

I’m just popping in quickly today to talk about my day yesterday and doing my first #thinkingoutloud :). I had a super stressful day at work! I am a sales representative and June is one of my biggest month (quota wise) and I was actually doing really good this month! I had closed 3 deals and was actually over quota which was awesome. But then all hell broke loose around lunchtime yesterday. I’ll spare you the details but a client cancelled on me and it kinda ruins my month 😦 Today is the last day of the month (order-wise) so I won’t be able to make up for it. I was really disappointed… I also had other problems with clients so let’s just say it wasn’t a great day! Then after work, I had an appointment to get my lashes done that I was late for because I had to leave work later than planned and right after my appointment I had a bootcamp! I got to the bootcamp super rilled up because of the stressful day and was so thankful to be able to sweat it out and think about something else!

After the bootcamp, it was 7:30PM, I was so tired and not in the mood to cook. I made a strawberry-watermelon protein smoothie and had to leave my house to go to physio for my first treatment for my shin splints. I actually only got home around 10:45PM and I was STARVING.

Here is what was amazing about last night. Usually stress + fatigue = BINGE for me. My brother had made homemade pizza for dinner and there were some leftover. I was so hungry and I wanted a piece so bad!! I thought that if I had a piece, it would FOR SURE lead to a binge. I had a small protein pancake for breakfast, a salad with 1 HB egg for lunch and some almonds as a snack and my smoothie for dinner but I knew that it wasn’t enough for the day I had had and it was normal for me to feel hungry.

I haven’t had real pizza in at least 8 months I would say. It’s one of my fear food. I love it so much I feel like I’m gonna end up eating an extra-large if I have one bit. But I decided to try it. I cut myself a normal snack piece and heated it up. I sat down, with no distraction and ENJOYED and SAVORED every bite. And you know what? No going back for seconds or thirds and no binge happened!!! I got a small serving of watermelon to end my snack and went to bed and that was it!!! I woke up in the middle of the night and only had a glass of water and went back to bed.

This just seems normal for everyone but for me it was a big deal!! I was able to enjoy some amazing pizza and not feel guilty about it. Yesterday was a sh*tty day but I have to say that this experience just made my day! 

I had to share 🙂

Have a great day xox

WIAW…intuitively! :)

Hey guys! Time for another WIAW!! Thanks again to Jen for hosting! Head over to her blog to see everyone’s amazing eats 🙂

So yesterday was a national holiday for us French canadians and I really had to time to take pictures of everything that I ate! Let’s get this party started!

I woke up around 10:30 (AMAZINGGGG) but I wasn’t super hungry. I browsed my usual blogs and then around 11 I made coffee and decided to have a white peach with it!

Around 12:30 I was ready for something more hearty! So I toasted two pieces of whole wheat bread and put a cut up hard boiled egg and a slice of cheese in the middle to make a great sandwich! I also had a ginormous salad on the side with Bolthouse Salsa ranch dressing! I’m obsessed with this dressing, it is made from yogourt so it’s creamy but not loaded with fat 🙂

My day was pretty low key today. The weather was awful and killed my mood haha I watched a movie in the afternoon and read a book then around 3:30 I was ready for a little snack. I had some cut up watermelon in my fridge so I had a little serving of that before making my way to the gym!

Today was one of those days where I REALLY didn’t feel like moving my butt but I knew I’d feel more energized afterwards. I hoped on the crosstrainer for a 30 min sweat shesh and followed with a 20 minutes of lower body strength training. It totally killed me…but in a good way 🙂

When I got home around 6, I was STARVING and in need of something quick! I made a favorite of mine from the past few weeks. I cooked some soy beans pasta that I topped with a small chicken breast and plenty of veggies! After the photo was taken I put some sriracha sauce on top for a little kick! This meal is SO satisfying and gives you a hearty portion of protein!

Look at the stats for those soy bean ”noodles”!
160 cal, 21 g of proteins, 10g of fiber and only 15g of carbs! And it actually tastes amazing!!! I used to use shiritaki noodle and would make myself like them because I knew they were ”better” than regular pasta. I now realize that was my ED talking. Because now I can’t stand them!! But this kind is seriously the best!

A little while after dinner I felt my sweet tooth kick in and I prepared myself a mug cake!

I always change my recipes for mug cakes and sometimes they are a total fail! But this one was amazing!!
-1 scoop of vanilla whey (I use Isogold)
-1 tbsp of coconut flour
-1/3 cup of egg whites
-1/2 tsp of baking powder
-1/2 of a small banana

Mix everything together then cook in a mug for 90 sec! I topped mine with a little coconut oil! Absolutely amazing!!

Finally, before bed I still felt like a little something and since my new motto is to listen to my body, that’s exactly what I did! I felt like having another white peach and some more watermelon. I used to think that I couldn’t eat fruit after dinner but now I don’t care. I mean, fruits are probably a healthier choice then chips right? I had my fruits and felt satisfied 🙂

I have to say that yesterday was a GOOD eating day, where I was able to let my senses take over the voice in my head that tells me what I should eat! Also, no binges in sight since I stopped counting calories! This might only be luck but I’m still proud!

Have an amazing day!


Hey!! For all of us Quebecers, today is a day OFF since it’s our National Holiday! Unfortunately, it’s super rainy outside! Booooooooooouh! I really wanted to go for a run and maybe get my tan on! That’ll be for another day!

As you guys know, I stopped counting calorie last week and surprinsingly it’s going well!! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! And I didn’t gain 20 pounds like I thought I would haha It feels good and I plan on keeping it this way 🙂

I participated in the #bikiniseries organized by my favorite trainers, the Tone It Up Girls for the past 8 weeks. It ended on June 21st with the first day of Summer! I actually lost 11 pounds during this challenge so I’m very happy! I didn’t follow their guidelines really because ultimately, for me, this challenge was more about controlling my binges than eating clean. Because I always eat well, it’s just that the binges come ruining all the hardwork in a flash! I am happy to report that even though I’m nowhere near perfect, the binges are far less frequent now that they were 2 months ago and this makes me happy!

Also, another happening of the last few days, I went back on a softball field!! I used to play when I was younger and stopped at the age of 16 but I’ve been missing it ever since! So after a little hiatus of 11 years, I had my first softball game last weekend and it was fabulous! Loved it 🙂 We had perfect weather! I didn’t know ANYONE there but they were all so nice and welcoming 🙂


That’s all I got for you guys today! I’ll be back tomorrow for WIAW – no calorie counting edition! Bisous xox