Marvelous week!

Hi guys! I’m back from Virginia Beach!! I’m seriously in a beach withdrawal at the moment but I’m also happy to get back into my routine. I know I sound like a 70 year old when I say stuff like that but it’s true! I’m definitely a creature of habit 🙂

Thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM! It’s officially my first participation ever even though I have been reading her blog for a long time!

So let’s recap the past few days shall we?
So this was my life for the past week. I needed those vacations badly and I enjoyed them thoroughly! Work was driving me mad and this little 7 day hiatus just helped me put things into perspective and destress for a while. I went to the beach every single day except for one day because it was raining. I was white as a ghost before VA and I have to say that I worked out a pretty little tan after a week of hardcore beaching! I obviously used sunscreen but I still managed to get some colours 🙂

This week was taking me away from everything I’m confortable with… my food, my gym and my way of life. I was really anxious before getting there but during the 12 hour drive on our way to VA, I decided that I was going to just go with the flow. Did I overeat? Yes almost every night at dinner lol. Did I enjoy it? YES I DID! I decided not to care and enjoy the food while it was there. I’m not saying I will eat this much bread and butter every night BUT it definitely helped me with letting go and realizing I won’t gain 10 lbs even if I indulge. And you know what? I didn’t wake up hungry once during the night this week! No binges!! This just proved to me once again (as if I didn’t know) that restricting is definitely what triggers those f*cking binges all the time. I need to trust the process and trust my body more. Maybe those vacations will finally help me to let go even more of the whole food obsessions.

On another note, I also drank my fair share of wine and I had the most amazing froyo one night 🙂
Sweet Frog is where it’s at! Omg I had the most delish combo of cake batter and cheesecake froyo with all the toppings you could imagine! It was just heavenly!

On the workout side of things, I actually went for 3 runs during the week! 2 of 40 minutes and 1 of an hour. I kinda hurt my hips during that 1h run so I took off from working out for the following two days. I listened to my body and figured it was better to rest. I feel 100% back to normal now so I’m happy I rested!

Being from Quebec and all, I have no access to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s here. So I was psyched to be able to peruse the aisles of those two grocery stores! I found Arctic Zero ice cream and bought 2 pints that I devoured over the course of the week. I LOVED it and I’m so sad I won’t be able to have any for a long long while 😦
I also tried Fruitive juice bar after reading about it online and got the Kalevolution juice: kale lettuce apple celery ginger lemon. It was delicious but really pricy!

I came back Saturday night around 10PM and hit the hay really early. We had been on the road since 7AM and I drove quite a lot so I was exhausted. Driving does that to me haha

This am, I woke up not really hungry so I had this bar that I found at Whole Foods.
It was really good! Super coconutty 🙂 I also had some Blueberry muffin flavoured coffee from Dunkin Donuts that I found at Harris Teeter. It was sooooo good! Felt super indulgent but wasn’t at all!

I also went to the gym and felt really good. This whole week off from the gym was really needed. Before leaving, I was feeling not motivated at all to go to the gym and I’m usually super pumped to go so it was nice to feel that way again.

I also went grocery shopping and made this trail mix for snacks for work this week
It’s super simple but really good. I simply mixed raw almonds with salted toasted corns and raisins. Sweet and salty is always a win for me 🙂

So that’s what’s up on my side of the world!


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