Thinking out loud!

Hi guys! I’m joining the party hosted by Amanda this week even though I don’t have that much on my mind… we’ll see how it goes!

1. Remember when I said I had 2 binges back to back last week? They were seriously not THAT bad…I’ve had worst, like wayyyyyy worst! But it apparently made me gain 3 freaking pounds! And I’ve be SO on point with eating this week and the scale won’t budge! Seriously, my body can’t seem to let me lose the weight. I work out like an animal and eat really good! I don’t know what to do!! And now, I can’t even think about eating out and all those ED thoughts are coming back with a vengeance! I mean, I don’t lose weight when I eat super good, I’ll definitely GAIN some more if I eat out a bit right? UGHHHH this is making me sick!

2. And why is this stressing me so much? I’m leaving for Virginia Beach next week for a whole week of fun in the sun! I should be SUPER excited but I’m already dreading having to eat out. I’m going with the fam and I know we won’t be eating out everyday but still, it will happen at some point and it’s stressing the sh*t out of me! 😦 I seriously thought I was doing better but those situations just push me right back into my old train of thought!

3. But the good thing about Virginia Beach is WHOLE FOODS!!! hahaha I can’t believe I’m THAT excited to go see what it looks like! I went to one store when I was in London, UK but I didn’t have time and spent like 15 min there. There are none here in Quebec so I’m really excited to go into one and spend time there lol Juice bar and salad bar here I come!!!

4. The past two weeks have been so weird schedule wise… We had the 24th and the 1st off due to Quebec’s National Holiday and Canada Day respectively and it was just so weird to have a day off in the middle of the week. We are already Thursday and I feel like I have done NOTHING to be productive this week! Gotta change that today!

5. It is SOOOO hot here right now it’s insane. Thank God for AC! I don’t know how I would survive without it! But I’m not complaining, because cold weather and snow are already approaching.. beurk!!

6. I ordered a key chain, coconut water packets and a yoga top from Tone it up! and it came in the mail yesterday!!

I was so excited! I used the coconut water packet (literally dehydrated coconut water lol) in a protein shake last night after bootcamp and it was fantastic! Cannot wait to test it on its own. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the teal yoga top! It is a bit big but I really don’t care, it’s super comfy and really cute!

Ok so that’s all I have for you today! Have a good one! xox


3 thoughts on “Thinking out loud!

  1. It’s not surprising you have urges to binge, and struggle with your weight. Having read your blog, you appear to regularly under eat. Which will of course make you want to binge, that’s how the body reacts to starvation, and will also ruin your metabolism.

  2. I get you about eating out. Virginia Beach was so packed last time I went, and I just wasn’t a fan… hope it treats you better!

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