Hey!! For all of us Quebecers, today is a day OFF since it’s our National Holiday! Unfortunately, it’s super rainy outside! Booooooooooouh! I really wanted to go for a run and maybe get my tan on! That’ll be for another day!

As you guys know, I stopped counting calorie last week and surprinsingly it’s going well!! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! And I didn’t gain 20 pounds like I thought I would haha It feels good and I plan on keeping it this way 🙂

I participated in the #bikiniseries organized by my favorite trainers, the Tone It Up Girls for the past 8 weeks. It ended on June 21st with the first day of Summer! I actually lost 11 pounds during this challenge so I’m very happy! I didn’t follow their guidelines really because ultimately, for me, this challenge was more about controlling my binges than eating clean. Because I always eat well, it’s just that the binges come ruining all the hardwork in a flash! I am happy to report that even though I’m nowhere near perfect, the binges are far less frequent now that they were 2 months ago and this makes me happy!

Also, another happening of the last few days, I went back on a softball field!! I used to play when I was younger and stopped at the age of 16 but I’ve been missing it ever since! So after a little hiatus of 11 years, I had my first softball game last weekend and it was fabulous! Loved it 🙂 We had perfect weather! I didn’t know ANYONE there but they were all so nice and welcoming 🙂


That’s all I got for you guys today! I’ll be back tomorrow for WIAW – no calorie counting edition! Bisous xox


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