The day I stopped to count calories/WIAW

Hi all!
Today is a special day for me. As I woke up during the night to eat ice cream because I was starving and stupid (FML) I realized that obsessing over calories will ALWAYS keep me disordered. So after logging all my meals in My Fitness Pal for the past 3 years, I decided that I would stop this as of TODAY! I know I won’t stop trying to average what I’m eating right away, but I know that stop logging every gram of lettuce I eat will help. The eating disorder thoughts are a part of me now and have been for a while and I am seriously not convinced that they will ever go away completely. But I know that I’m entertaining them by the habits that I have on a daily basis. So F*CK calorie counting! I love to eat healthy and this will stay for sure but if I want to eat 21g of almonds instead of 17g (17g is 100 calories) then be it! I certainly wont die and I’ll be satisfied and maybe my risks of binge eating will decrease because I won’t be obsessing over food anymore. I tried this before but never really let go. Now I’m give it my all and see in the long run how it works. I know that this process won’t change me overnight but I’m curious to see where it’ll take me. If only I could go back to my old ways of not obsessing over EVERYTHING that I eat, I’ll be a happy camper!!

Now onto

On another, here are some samples of what I’ve been eating lately.


Protein pancakes, oatmeal and turkey bacon always make good breakfast options!

Coffee, Perrier and dattes! That’s all I need to be happy! 😛

Chicken and eggs on various forms like sandwiches and flatbread pizza!

That’s all I have for you today! Go check out Peas and Crayons to see what everyone has been eating!


2 thoughts on “The day I stopped to count calories/WIAW

  1. I was obsessed with MFP for a long time, I’d been counting calories for year’s also..
    It’s a very hard thing to get out of, I wish I could say I never count calories these day’s..because I do but honestly I do think not logging everything will help with recovery 🙂
    Oh..and eating enough does stop binges which is definitely a good thing..

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