Fun Facts Friday

TGIF!!! This week has been a long and demanding one and I’m so ready for those 2 days off!

1. It’s been raining non stop for the past few days here in Montreal and it’s suppose to keep on raining tomorrow! I had plans of drinks outside with friends tonight so this won’t happen! Bummer I was really looking forward to it! Drinks are always fun, but drinks outside just takes the whole thing to another level haha I’m sure we’ll still have fun though!

2. My shin splints are worst than ever 😦 I have a half in September and I want to go back to running 3x/week and it just looks like it won’t be possible. I had 3 miles on the agenda on Tuesday and I had to walk more than half of it because my shins were hurting sooooo bad! When I finished work today, I went to the gym planning to run 3 miles again and that didn’t happen. I ran for 30 seconds before giving up because it was too painful. I really need to go see a physiotherapist if I don’t want to jeopardize my whole training plan!

3. My brother is leaving for Barcelona tonight for a week and I’m SO jealous! Really happy for him but so jealous still. I want to get away too!!

4. I had a mini-binge yesterday before dinner. It hadn’t happen in ages and I felt SO bad! I had breakfast at 7:30 AM and wasn’t able to eat lunch until 3PM… I had my salad but I felt ravenous so I gave in and ate a bunch of stuff. I had a friend coming over for dinner and it just ruined my whole night. I could only think about the fact that I overate for lunch so I wasn’t able to eat anything other than veggies for diner (I was still also full from what I had eaten earlier on). This f*cking eating disorder is just ruining my life! It’s getting better but I hate myself for caving in knowing I would regret it later…

And that’s all I have for you folks today! Have a great Friday night! xox


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