hum….hello there!

Wow can’t believe I haven’t blogged in 6 weeks! To be honest, I’ve been having a really hard time at life these past few weeks and I couldn’t find the strength to blog about it… My body image is as its worst and I’m just SO sick of everything! I’m working out like a maniac 5-6 times a week and I’m eating on point, counting calories and all and I can’t seem to lose weight! Before, I knew the binges were what was holding me back from dropping the weight but it has been going ”pretty well” on that front. My binges are down to once a week, but the effect they have on my mood are worst than ever. I feel like the most disgusting person for DAYS after it happens and it’s literally taking all the happiness out of me…

My bad body image is just ruining my every day life. It’s the only thing I think about and I’m starting to get anxiety again when I have social outings. Even though I’m not losing weight right now, the idea of gaining the slightest bit more is mortifying. So every time I go for drinks with friends or to dinner, I obsess about the calories instead of enjoying the moment… it sucks.

Work has been going good so at least that’s that!

On another note, I took part in the “100 miles by Summer” challenge by the Tone it Up Girls where we had to cover 100 miles between April 27th and June 21st by doing cardio and I actually finished all my miles yesterday! Felt so good 🙂 So now I’ll just see how many more I can do until the 21st!

Last weekend was my first 10k of the season. It actually wasn’t so bad and I finished in 60 min on the dot! My PR is 54:55 so I was 5 min over but still, I was really proud of myself! I’m carrying a whole lot more weight now than I did when I ran my PR so I know this counts for something haha.



I also went to hot yoga with a friend for the first time since March this week and it felt SO GOOD! I was literally drowning in sweat but still felt great!







My breakfast of choice has been protein pancakes for the past month or so! I fell in love with them 2 years ago and had kinda forgot how easy it is to do, even on work days! Also, I tried this new to me protein powder recently and it just took my pancakes to whole new level! If you’ve never tried it, I can’t stress it enough, go buy some and make delicious protein pancakes!!!










Blogging felt really good tonight. I don’t want to stress about having to blog everyday but I’ll definitely try! It feels good to write about how I feel!

On that note, have a good Sunday night friends and I’ll catch you later xox

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