Stomach bug is killing my vibe

Hey all!

All week I was stuck with a nasty stomach bug! Could barely eat, had fever and overall felt like sh*t! It lasted 4 days and I’m officially better this morning. I haven’t been able to work out all week. Just going to work was taking all the energy I had. So happy to finally be back in the game!

Eating wise, I couldn’t get motivated to cook anything. Just thinking about food made me want to throw up but I knew I had to eat. And when I’m feeling nauseated, the only thing that sounds eatable is CARBSSSS. So I definitely carb-loaded for 4 days haha but at least I was getting enough calories in to fight this virus and be able to somewhat function. 

Ever since the beginning of my EDs, pasta has always been a big fear food. If I was in a situation where I was forced to eat some, I would have a couple of bites and then call it quits. Even now it’s still hard. But last night I had the biggest craving for a big pasta bowl. So I went with it and it was GLORIOUS! I had a full serving of pasta (all 85g of it!) with jarred tomato sauce and grated cheese.

Look at this beauty!



It was absolutely delicious and satisfying! It was my first real meal since I started feeling sick on Tuesday. My craving was satisfied and it kept me full forever! Probably because I was still feeling a bit queasy but still, I’m actually proud I was able to listen to my body and eat this. The old me would have taken this sickness as an excuse not to eat anything whereas now, I knew I had to eat a bit all throughout the day even though I didn’t feel like it to give my body energy. Little victory!


On another note, I’ve been a fan of the Tone it Up Girls Katrina and Karena for like 4 years now and their annual Bikini Series is starting Aprils 28th! It’s a super fun challenge with AMAZING prizes that motivates you with your workouts and your eats. Go to to sign up!

To start off the series, the first challenge was to #createyoursummer! Basically just list whatever you wanna accomplish and do during Summer 2014.

Here is what I came up with:



Hopefully Summer 2014 will be my best yet!

On this note, I’m off to the gym and grocery shopping for a sweet girls’ night tonight! 🙂


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