Happy Easter to you all! May your day be filled with family time and chocolate 🙂

Today, I’m popping in just to ramble a bit about everything and anything!

First off, I went for a run last night and I felt SO GOOD. Best I’ve felt since I’ve started running again. I covered 3 miles in 30 minutes following a 10 min run + 1 min walk tempo. It was amazing to actually run without thinking I was gonna die every 10 seconds!

Also, yesterday I found this amazing mug:


Seriously in LOVE with it! Those are the little things that light up my days haha I also bought 2 new books: Happy Endings by Jon Rance (as seen above) and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I really enjoyed Gone Girl so I’m hoping I’ll like this second book just as much! I really want to start reading again, I used to be a book junkie but then life got in the way and I stopped reading but I wanna make time for it again. It’s just one of the things in life that make me feel good and I definitely need more of that.

On that note, I decided to create ”Guidelines” for my life. This may sound silly but I just had a really bad day yesterday after I had a big binge Friday night and it just made me think about life in general. I’m the kind of person that like to follow rules and I decided to create a list of stuff I should live by and that might help me feel better in the end. I want to be happy again.

I weighed myself Friday morning and I had lost 3 pounds that week. I felt awesome. Then I binged that night and had a so-so day yesterday eating wise and I weighed myself again this morning. I gained the 3 pounds back. Made me feel disgusting. I’m judging 98% of my selfworth on my weight and this has to stop. I’m OBSESSED with being overweight and it is ruining my everyday happiness. I day dream about my pre-eating disorder days. At that time, I was still super self conscious about my body but I know now, that if I had that body, I would be happy and satisfied. I just want to loose the weight and be back to my normal self. Right now, I’m just going through life and I’m not enjoying it one bit.  I don’t want to go out in public because I feel like people are disgusted by me. Looking at magazines is painful because I know that I used to look exactly like those models. I’m either living in the past or hoping for a brighter future. I’m wasting the present and I know I’ll regret it one day. So this is what I came up with and what hopefully will get me on the right track to a healthy weight loss while enjoying the journey, one step at a time! 



Sorry this was a lot of rambling but I needed to get this out!

Be on the lookout for more recipes and happy posts this week 🙂


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