Hi all, time to celebrate another WIAW πŸ™‚ Thanks Jenn for hosting such an amazing event every week!


This morning, I had my new usual breakfast: egg white omelette filled with PB and topped with WF syrup! I usually have 2 slices of chicken bacon but I was out so no bacon for me but it was still delishhhhhh!!



*LUNCH* 12:00PM

I packed a basic lunch this morning: big salad with 2 HB eggs and a granny smith apple.Β Image

I had my almonds at 4:30PM after my workout because I was ready to chew my arm off!!


My meals don’t photograph well, I have 0 artistic instinct BUT they sure taste amazing! For dinner, I cooked some ground chicken with tacos spices and added zucchinis, onions and a red bell pepper. I had this over some leftover brown rice, with a Kraft single (oupsyyyy haha) and some salsa. To finish it off, I steamed some asparagus. It was super satisfying and filling πŸ™‚



Before going to bed, I made a banana peanut butter coconut applesauce and muffin bowl. I always have a little something before bed just to try to keep my night eating habit in check. I’m thinking that if I go to bed satisfied, the chances of me getting up to go eat during the night diminishes… But then I woke up around 12 hungry as ever and headed directly to the pantry 😦 I had 2 crackers with coconut oil and shaved coconut on them with a couple of almonds. UGHHHH whyyyyyyy does this happen all the time?!? Gotta head out to work, have great day :)!

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