My first DIY! :)

Hi! As I mentionned in one of my previous post, I really want to start doing some DIY projects. I wanna occupy my mind and being able to focus on something else than food for a few hours a week/month!

My first DIY project was inspired by a friend of mine. I went over to her place last week and she had made some homemade coasters with pictures she took while traveling in Sri Lanka! They looked AMAZING! So I decided to check Pinterest for some how-to-do-your-own-coasters tutorials!  I followed this tutorial but there are plenty of other ones with pretty much all the same vital material: mod podge, ceramic tiles, pictures, acrylic spray scealant and foam brush!

Since I don’t have any quality pictures of places I traveled to, I went online and chose pictures of Paris and London (two cities that mean a lot to me) and went along with those ones. I printed the pictures on regular paper but you could use photo paper also.

Here is the final result:


How cute do they look?! I’m so happy with the final result! And it was seriously super easy! It cost me 30$ for all the material, the mod podge and the spray being the most expensive. The tiles were 0.39$ each and the brush was 1.99$ so that was a steal!

The key is really to let the mod podge dry completely between each coat. I did 4 coats of mod podge and 2 coats of scellant.

The pictures I took were 4×6” so I printed 2 of each and took the two opposite sections of each pictures to do a set. I think it looks really cool like this! But you could totally do all different pictures.

First DIY mission was a total success and a blast! I’m already on the look out for #2! 

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