Fun Facts Friday

I’m copying Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and writting up a ”Fun Facts Friday” post! By the way, you should all check out her blog, it’s one of my fave 🙂

1. It’s Friday!! This is enought to make my life marvelous haha I have an appartment warming party tonight! One of my close friend got a new appartment so this should be fun!

2. Spring is finally here which means it’s time for pastel color nail polish! 🙂 I am OBSESSED with painting my nails and like to change color every couple of days. Goodbye black and hello light pink, blue, purple and green!!

3. I have some fun plans for Sunday! My frien opened up a bakery a year ago and she’s organizing a little gathering to celebrate the one year anniversary of the shop! Pastries and bubbly, what more can a girl ask for?

4. Running! I’m actually excited start running regularly out now with the beautiful temperature we’ve been having! Even though my run yesterday was atrocious, I can only hope it’ll get better the more I run!

5. I’v been pining 123434812 DIY projects on Pinterest in the past few years an have done absolutely none! My goal is to do 1 per month from now on! I’ve never been artsy and I think it is a good thing for me to start doing! We’ll see how that goes!

That is all for today!


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