Omg! I’m soooo happy April is here! We still have so much snow here in Montreal, but still, I’m really hopeful that we are really done with this white stuff! I can’t handle it anymore!

I registered for a half marathon on June 1st… Which is exactly in 60 days! I need this snow to melt so I can start running again. I HATE the treadmill so I never run inside. I’m starting to freak out a little as I have no idea if I’ll be able to get my mileage up fast enough to be able to run 13.1 without stopping :S

Today was not my best day.. I worked all day obviously and the sun was shining which is always amazing! But I really have to go to the gym and I have no motivation whatsoever. I always feel bad when I miss a day of training because I feel like it’s only because I’m super lazy…But I have no strength today I feel really blahhhh. Hopefully I’ll change my mind really soon!

Like I said in my previous post, I’m currently following a training plan and a nutrition plan to boost my metabolism and help with my binging at night. I only started 1 week ago but I already see some ameliorations. I used to binge EVERY night and for the past week it’s only been 1 out of 2 nights and smaller binges. But last night was not good. I ate a lot after supper even though I wasn’t hungry… That’s probably why I feel so blahh today, I have really bad body image and I just feel like curling up and doing nothing when I know that working out would actually probably help me get rid of this nasty feeling!


Anyways, for dinner last night I made kale chips with an open face crab sandwich and a big salad! It was DELISH! And should have sufficed to fill me up but apparently it didn’t since I had such bad cravings after dinner!



As I’m posting this really ugly picture, I’m thinking that I need a real camera if I’m gonna start taking pictures of my food for the blog!! This phone camera business isn’t doing so well haha

I need to get going, talk to you guys later!! 🙂

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