Week 1 Day 1 of 12 weeks

Today was my last day of group therapy… It was a bittersweet end. I was relieved that it was over because I was a bit tired of having to open up to people I dont know (not my forte). But also, I was disapointed because when I first started this group therapy I was convinced that I would be perfectly ok by the end of it. Sadly, I am about at the same point as I was when I started the group. 

I thought a lot about my progress (or lack thereof) and decided that I had plenty of tricks up my sleeves and I just had to decide to change and apply every concept that I’ve learn so far.

I kinda made an analogy with my training for my half marathon. For 12 weeks I was super persistant and dedicated to my training. No amount of rain or humidity would keep me from running. I realized that I have a lot of strength and I just need to use this strength to fight my ED and stop feeling like a victim.

So today I decided to join the #friskyfall challenge from my role models, the Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina. This challenge is until Halloween and it’s basically to commit to exercising daily and eating lean clean and green! Since I usually do whatever I feel like at the gym, I realized that I also needed a training program. So that’s when I decided to do the Live Fit 12 week challenge of Jamie Eason. It’s absolutely perfect since 12 week from now will be the Holidays and the end of the year. I wanna finish 2013 strong and healthy not miserable and unhappy like I am now. The LIve Fit program also has a nutrition program so I pretty much decided to mix the TIU plan and Jamie Eason’s plan. Hopefully, having a goal will help me control the binge. I just wanna love my body and have confidence.

I’ll post progress picture at week 4,6,8 and 12!

Cannot wait to start this journey 🙂

One thought on “Week 1 Day 1 of 12 weeks

  1. Your going to do awesome!! I am on week 8 & LOVING it sooo far!! I also joined a facebook group of other women doing Jamies Program and that has been soooo amazing to have encouragement and motivation. You got this girl!!

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