What makes you happy

Hello all!

Today marks the beginning of a new step for me (well I sure hope so). I’ve been thinking A LOT about my ed and what I’ve been going through during the past 2 years. I’m so tired of being labeled as ”mentally ill” and I just wanna be able to say I’m NORMAL again.

I decided to really think about my bulimia and what really triggers my binges. I came to the simple conclusion that I’m just NOT happy. This is a sad realization but at the same time I’m glad I had it.

I then decided to see what I can easily change in the short term to be happier. I remembered how amazing I felt when I was actually going to a real gym (instead of working out at home) the year before anorexia entered my life. So, this morning, I went back to that same exact gym and I bought a new membership! I worked out there for 30 min and I was just so happy in that moment.

This blog thingy is also something that makes me happy, so I’ll definitely blog everyday even though I’m not sure anyone reads this haha

Finally, I want to pursue a new career path so I’m gonna go all in trying to find a new job that makes me feel satisfied and complete!

Short term goals also include: reading more, hanging out with my friends more, be more wild, go on dates etc etc

I’m just really hoping that those small changes will increase my happiness, which will decrease my binges which will make me feel better about myself.

I had 3 big binges the last three nights and I’m just sooooo sick of this! I say this EVERYDAY but something needs to change!

HOPE is the theme of the day, hopefully I’ll keep this in mind all day 🙂

Bisous xx

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