New day

hi all! i can say that i’m actually feeling a bit better these days. The binges have been less intense, even non-existent on some nights! I went to see the psychiatrist on tuesday and she gave me Prozac to try to help with my binges, anxiety and depression. It hasn’t even been a week and I can already see a difference! For now it’s working really good and i’m hoping it’ll stay that way 🙂

I registered for my first half-marathon last month and it’s taking place in September. I’m a little more than 12 weeks away so I started Hal Giddon novice plan for a half marathon. Since I’m working a lot of hours at the resto, I’m shuffling the trainings so I dont have my long runs on days where I’m working 12-15 hours. Yesterday I went for 4 miles in the rain and it felt awesome! I was kinda slow but I tell myself that a slow run is better than no run at all!


On this note, I need to get my butt to work, another double today ughhhh! Have a nice day 🙂

One thought on “New day

  1. great job on less frequent binges! it must be really hard to work at a restaurant and be dealing with an ED. i know for me i worked in food at college when i entered recovery and it was sometimes a bit much to be so often surrounded by it.

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