welcome to my blog!

I decided to create this blog to share my everyday life as I’m trying to beat eating disorders and be fit and happy. I have no idea if people will actually read what I have to say but I’m taking the plunge anyway and hoping for the best.

I’m a 26 year old girl who struggled with anorexia for a year. It all started when I wanted to loose a coupl of pounds to look better for summer. An original goal of a 5 to 10 pound weight loss turned rapidly into a 45 pound weight loss… My bmi hit a very low 15 and I was just not myself anymore. I was always obsessing over calories, I stopped having any kind of social life because I didn’t want to steer away from my calorie goal. I lost my hair, stopped having my period and was very depressed. My parents forced me to seek for help. After following treatment in a certain clinic for a couple of months and realizing I was still losing weight I decided to go see elsewhere. The therapy was a different approach and it worked for me. I stopped losing weight and even started gaining some back. It was the worst feeling but I knew I had to. But then I moved to Europe for three months. Being away was harder than I thought it would be. I was feeling depressed and I started having binges. I thougth I could ccontrol it but it just kept on getting worst and worst. I came back home but the binges didn’t stop. As of today I gained back almost all the weight I had originally lost. I struggle a lot with the binge eating and body image. I still have anorexic thoughts and I’m always super anxious when I have to eat out. My ultimate goal is to lead a normal and happy life, being happy with the body I have and treat it with respect. I want to eat healthy and exercise, tone up and be happy with the way I look. I also want to be able to go out without feeling guilty and most of all I want the binges to stop. This blog will describe my journey into recovery with my everyday struggles.

Welcome to healthyhappyrecovery!! 🙂

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