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Hi all, time to celebrate another WIAW :) Thanks Jenn for hosting such an amazing event every week!


This morning, I had my new usual breakfast: egg white omelette filled with PB and topped with WF syrup! I usually have 2 slices of chicken bacon but I was out so no bacon for me but it was still delishhhhhh!!



*LUNCH* 12:00PM

I packed a basic lunch this morning: big salad with 2 HB eggs and a granny smith apple. Image

I had my almonds at 4:30PM after my workout because I was ready to chew my arm off!!


My meals don’t photograph well, I have 0 artistic instinct BUT they sure taste amazing! For dinner, I cooked some ground chicken with tacos spices and added zucchinis, onions and a red bell pepper. I had this over some leftover brown rice, with a Kraft single (oupsyyyy haha) and some salsa. To finish it off, I steamed some asparagus. It was super satisfying and filling :)



Before going to bed, I made a banana peanut butter coconut applesauce and muffin bowl. I always have a little something before bed just to try to keep my night eating habit in check. I’m thinking that if I go to bed satisfied, the chances of me getting up to go eat during the night diminishes… But then I woke up around 12 hungry as ever and headed directly to the pantry :( I had 2 crackers with coconut oil and shaved coconut on them with a couple of almonds. UGHHHH whyyyyyyy does this happen all the time?!? Gotta head out to work, have great day :)!

Challenge update and sugar shack!

Happy Monday all! Hope you had a fabulous start of your week!

So first, since this blog is all about honesty, I wanted to do an update on my 21 day binge free challenge. Well let’s just say that Day 1 went fabulous and after that it went down the drain. I wasn’t feeling well Friday so I stayed home that night and I binged because I was so bored. This means I failed after 2 days. WOW. Not impressive. Same story Saturday night even though I had friends over for most of the night and felt awesome… When everyone left, I raided the pantry. I felt f*cking miserable after (like always). I weighed myself the morning after and that definitely didn’t help. Summer is coming and I’m getting more self conscious as each day pass….I’m not feeling too hot right now let’s say.

Yesterday I went to the sugar shack, which is basically a cabin in the wood where maple syrup is made and where you can have a ”traditional meal” (read everything fried, greasy, sugary or all of the above at the same time). Let’s just say that thinking about going there got my anxiety through the roof. I’m so obsessed with loosing weight that the thought of have a super rich meal was totally freaking me out. But I had to remind myself that I NEVER treat myself to anything ”unhealthy” and that I still binge a lot so that maybe one night off would satisfied my sweet and fatty tooth (just made this up). It was a family affair, we were 25 so I focused on enjoying the company, not thinking about counting calories and actually ended up having a really nice time. I left there stuffed even though I only had a little bit of each service but happy that I made it through the night. Obviously, last night, no binging occured. I didn’t even think about food.

Last night was definitely a victory in my whole ordeal with ED. When I was sufforing from anorexia, if someone had told me I had to go to the sugar shack I would have done ANYTHING not to go. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the anxiety. This kind of life event just reminds me how much I’ve learn throughout the past few years and I definitely needed a reminder that I am stronger now than I was before.

Workout and 21 day challenge

Yesterday I had an AWESOME workout! I didn’t feel like going to the gym at all, and I actually sat in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes trying to decide what I was gonna work on… I usually don’t ask myself questions and follow my training plan but I was just not feeling it last night. So I decided to make up my own circuit workout and it turned out to be so much fun!

Here is what I did:

  • 15 kettlebell swings*
  • 12 lateral raises*
  • 10 overhead press*
  • 15 leg raises
  • 30 high knees
  • 10 squats with kb in hand*
  • 10 plank to push up
  • 12 upright rows*
  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 15 pushups

Go through every exercise without stopping then rest for 90 sec and repeat 4 more times!

*use weights that are challenging for you

I was a hot mess when I was done with this one!

21 day challenge

They say it takes 21 days to get rid of a bad habit (or build a great one). I decided to verify the truth of this statistic. Last night, I had a small binge after not having any for 2 days. I felt disgusting after and guys I am seriously SICK of always feeling like that! So I’m hoping this challenge will help be with night eating. I’ll monitor my progress and will try to have a streak of 21 days without binges. If I fail after 5 or 16 days, I’ll be back to square one and will try this until I do it for 21 days straight. Wish me luck!!


This is my very first WIAW post and I am SO SO excited! Not that my eats were that exciting, but more because I’ve seen sooooo many WIAW posts over the last few years and always wanted to join the party (but was too shy to start my own blog). Thanks Jen for hosting!!

My day started at 7AM and I had to be out the door by 8AM which meant I had plenty of times to whip up my new fav sweet and savory protein pancake :)



I worked non-stop all morning and before I knew it was 1PM and time for lunch! I was able to stop by my place between 2 clients to eat so that was a real treat. My cravings were all over the place so that what ended up in my plate:

Big salad with hummus, with 2 veggie dogs on the side with mustard and a Lipton cup-of-soup! I warned you guys, this was a random lunch!



Around 4PM, right before going to meet another client I had a banana. I didn’t take a picture but I’m sure you guys know what it looks like hahaha

For dinner, I had 0 energy and motivation so I whipped up 1 1/2 pumpernickel toast with avocado, eggs and sprouts with kale chips and steamed veggies. Totally hit the spot!



After that I wanted something sweet, so I had 2 small squares of 70% chocolate from Green and Black organics. Perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth! At night, I was hungry again so I had some green grapes with a oat bran banana raspberry mini muffin that I had made earlier this weekend. I finished the night with David’s tea ”Cabane à sucre” which means Sugar shack in French!


Right before going to bed, around 11PM, I got hungry AGAIN. I swear this is not normal…. I had another mini muffin with pb and 2 crackers with cheese. At first, I didn’t want to include my late snacking into this post but I guess I need to be brutally honest with myself. So here it is, all of my eats for the day! Even though I ate more than I should have, I didn’t binge so I guess this is one step in the right direction? It’s been 2 nights in a row now that I haven’t binged, my ”longest” streak in a while… Hopefully it lasts!

So that’s it for my first WIAW! Have a great Wednesday guys! xo

My first DIY! :)

Hi! As I mentionned in one of my previous post, I really want to start doing some DIY projects. I wanna occupy my mind and being able to focus on something else than food for a few hours a week/month!

My first DIY project was inspired by a friend of mine. I went over to her place last week and she had made some homemade coasters with pictures she took while traveling in Sri Lanka! They looked AMAZING! So I decided to check Pinterest for some how-to-do-your-own-coasters tutorials!  I followed this tutorial but there are plenty of other ones with pretty much all the same vital material: mod podge, ceramic tiles, pictures, acrylic spray scealant and foam brush!

Since I don’t have any quality pictures of places I traveled to, I went online and chose pictures of Paris and London (two cities that mean a lot to me) and went along with those ones. I printed the pictures on regular paper but you could use photo paper also.

Here is the final result:


How cute do they look?! I’m so happy with the final result! And it was seriously super easy! It cost me 30$ for all the material, the mod podge and the spray being the most expensive. The tiles were 0.39$ each and the brush was 1.99$ so that was a steal!

The key is really to let the mod podge dry completely between each coat. I did 4 coats of mod podge and 2 coats of scellant.

The pictures I took were 4×6” so I printed 2 of each and took the two opposite sections of each pictures to do a set. I think it looks really cool like this! But you could totally do all different pictures.

First DIY mission was a total success and a blast! I’m already on the look out for #2! 

Sweet and Savory Pancake Roll-up!

I am popping in this morning to share with you guys an amazing breakfast recipe! This was absolutely delicious!

I first saw this recipe on the IG account of @tarajoslyn and decided to make it this am!


For the pancake all you need is:

  • 1/2 cup of egg whites
  • 7g of flax seeds
  • 4g of coconut flour
  • 1/4 tsp of baking powder

Mix it all up and pour it on a warm pan. Wait until it’s almost cooked and flip it over. 

Once it’s done, spread 1tbsp of peanut butter (would be as awesome with any kind of nut butter) and place 2 strips of chicken bacon! Fold in 2 and pour Walden Farm syrup all over it and DEVOURRRRR!

With my new eating plan, I need to have proteins and healthy fats at breakfast and no carbs so this was PERFECT! You could also add some berries in the pancake batter for some added sweetness :)

Nutrition facts (the way I made it)

Calories: 263

Fat: 14.7g

Carbs: 11.1g

Fiber: 3.7g

Protein: 26.5g

WW points: 7


Have a great day :) xo



Fun Facts Friday

I’m copying Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and writting up a ”Fun Facts Friday” post! By the way, you should all check out her blog, it’s one of my fave :)

1. It’s Friday!! This is enought to make my life marvelous haha I have an appartment warming party tonight! One of my close friend got a new appartment so this should be fun!

2. Spring is finally here which means it’s time for pastel color nail polish! :) I am OBSESSED with painting my nails and like to change color every couple of days. Goodbye black and hello light pink, blue, purple and green!!

3. I have some fun plans for Sunday! My frien opened up a bakery a year ago and she’s organizing a little gathering to celebrate the one year anniversary of the shop! Pastries and bubbly, what more can a girl ask for?

4. Running! I’m actually excited start running regularly out now with the beautiful temperature we’ve been having! Even though my run yesterday was atrocious, I can only hope it’ll get better the more I run!

5. I’v been pining 123434812 DIY projects on Pinterest in the past few years an have done absolutely none! My goal is to do 1 per month from now on! I’ve never been artsy and I think it is a good thing for me to start doing! We’ll see how that goes!

That is all for today!



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